Driver Education


Concept - Drivers can drive their stock street legal cars on a racetrack, with other cars at speed. Drivers are grouped by experience and are paired with instructors who ride with them until they progress far enough up the experience ladder to drive solo. The passing is restricted to certain parts of the track and only when the passee waves the passer by. This is not a competitive event but it is close enough that you will get a taste of what racing feels like. This is also not a racing school. It is a car control school conducted on a racetrack, but the skills you learn are the foundation for the things you will need to learn to race.

Car Prep - No mods needed. Cabriolets, Roadsters and Speedsters MUST have factory installed rollover protection or an SCCA or PCA approved rollbar that passes the "broomstick test". If you enjoy these events you will probably want to start doing all sorts of things to your car. What you will need to do is download a tech form from our website below when you enter and go over your car thoroughly. This includes bleeding the brakes, checking pad wear etc. Then you need to take your car to your mechanic and have him check over the items listed and verify it is in compliance. Porsche of Hilton Head and many independent repair shops offer specials on this for customers at little or no cost.

Equipment Needed - All drivers must wear SA or M2010/2015 approved helmets.  Clothing varies by track. Rubber soled fully enclosed shoes are mandatory. Roebling Road Raceway allows short pants and t-shirts.

Cost - For costs, please email David Selvig at or text at cell 724-713-1317 or go to for details.

Likelihood Of Car Damage - Minimal, but it does happen occasionally. Car to car damage is very rare in DE. On the rare occasion damage happens it is likely to be a one-car incident.

Insurance -  Insurance coverage for DE varies by insurance carrier. As emphasized earlier, this is not a competitive event. If your provider does not cover you for DEs, event insurance is available through the HPDE Insurance Program at The phone number is (866)-582-4957. Individuals must contact HPDE Insurance directly. This insurance information is also provided upon registration for a CERPCA DE.

Do I Need Any Special Training Or License? Technically this is a school, so you will get your training at the event. When you are new you will go to some classroom sessions before going onto the track. Once on the track you will be with an instructor for your first several events until you demonstrate you have acquired the skills to drive safely on your own.

In addition to CERPCA, many other Clubs are using for event registration. To register, a person must have an account. On the site, click on either "Login" to login or "Create Account" at the top left to create an account. Once logged on, click on "Event Sign Up" on the top left of the screen. In the "Club" box in the middle of the page, click on the down arrow, scroll down to "Coastal Empire Region PCA" and click on it. Then under "Options", click on the "search" box. Once the screen refreshes, under "Options" again, click on "Register". One must have a car in the system to register, so click on "Add Vehicle" and input the information. Then complete the registration process.


A revised and highly informative article by our DE Guru, John Myer. This information will help you to understand the basics of driving both on and off the track.  The article includes text, photos and illustrations. Please read the sections in order.

  1. Introduction
  2. Driving Position
  3. Mirrors
  4. Get A Grip
  5. Dimensions
  6. Eyes Up
  7. Components of a Turn
  8. Friction Circle / Slip Angle
  9. Loose Poosh
  10. Alphabet Soup
  11. Fancy Footwork
  12. Making the Jump