DE – December 2018

Great Gift Suggestion:

If your loved one is not sure of a gift for you for the holiday season, what would be better than two days at the track?

There are less than 3 weeks until Coastal hosts it’s December DE at RRR.

This is an excellent time of year to enjoy the cool weather, track your car, and recover from Thanksgiving.

Registration is open for the Coastal Empire Region DE this December 1 & 2, 2018 at

As always, this event is open to PCA and non PCA members.

OUR EVENTS CONTINUE TO BE OPEN TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS, including convertibles with the proper roll bar protection. ALL convertibles or cabrios MUST pass the “broomstick” rule (the driver’s helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield).
Convertibles must be run with the top UP or CLOSED.

All cars in the event must have fenders attached to the vehicle at all four wheels.

Additional requirements are: (1) drivers MUST be18 or older with a valid driver’s license to enter; (2) your vehicle has to be safety-checked by a mechanic within two weeks of the event and re-checked by our tech team at the track-grid
tech; (3) drivers must wear helmets (SA or M 2010 or 2015 designation).

This 2 day driving event is focused on developing high performance driving skills. Instructors will be provided for all students in the Green (novice) and Blue (advanced novice) run groups.

These events are multi-purpose with focus on teaching drivers with little or no track experience the fundamentals of high performance driving. We also accommodate those that have advanced skills and want additional track time so as to hone those skills.

So whether you are interested in trying this type of event for the very first time or are returning as an avid “track junkie”, we have something to offer for all skill levels.

In addition to the track events, your registration also includes a pizza social on Friday evening and a BBQ on Saturday evening (both with adult beverages included) both at our host hotel, The Country Inn and Suites at the Savannah Airport.

Please feel free to go to and review the complete registration info as well as the associated files.

As previously noted, we are limiting the number of drivers in our run groups so as to provide a better experience for all.

David Selvig
Coastal Empire DE chair
724-713-1317 (text only)

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