Member Spotlight – Dick Morehead


Even though the Hilton Head Concours and Car Club Showcase have been postponed to 2021, we still want to ‘display’ the cars entries that we received and their owners to the broader car world via our club website and social media.  We’ll do that by highlighting one car/owner just about every week for the balance of this year.


The car is a 2020 Porsche 992 model with an all aluminum chassis and body with no wield points instead the parts are glued together. There are twin turbo chargers, 21 inch wheels and selected driving modalities, such as, Wet, Sport and Super Sport which modulate both the suspension and motor mounts.

The 992 is a joy to drive, smooth on the road with high performance availability.
Additionally, I drive another Porsche and a wonderful 1994 Jaguar XJS convertible.

Motorsports have been a part of my life since racing British cars while in Middle School. Sports cars have been with me during my training and my 48 year professional career treating mental illness.  I just retired from an eight year term as Chairman of the Board of the University Suburban Health Center. A medical center we built and opened in 1973. In the future, I look forward to enjoying sports cars and the people who drive them.

More Member Spotlights/Car Features coming soon!

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